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Baby Shower Game & Gift Idea

A Great Baby Shower Game Idea and Gift from Baby Name Scramble!

If you’re looking for a fun and unique baby shower game to play with the girls at your baby shower, Baby Name Scramble has a great idea for you. In fact, it’s not only a baby shower game, it’s also a great baby shower gift idea!

It’s simple, creative and easy to do. First, here’s the baby shower gift idea. You use the mother-to-be and father-to-be’s names, and Baby Name Scramble generates a complete list of all of the possible English language baby names that can be derived from the parents-to-be’s two first names.

Then, you’re ready to play the baby shower game. At the baby shower, you give each girl a pad of paper and a pen. You can even have the mother-to-be play too. Have everyone write down the mother’s first name and the father’s first name. Be sure everyone is spelling these two names correctly. Then, explain that if they scramble the letters from those two names, they can create a list of unique and unusual baby names. And, continue to explain that they can create, for example, “132” other possible English language baby names (or however many baby names are indicated on the Baby Name Scramble list of baby names that you purchased as a baby shower gift).

Or, if the mother-to-be knows the gender of the forthcoming baby, you can play this baby shower game with just unique boy’s baby names or just unique girl’s baby names.

Be sure to specify if each letter from the two parent’s names is to be used only once or if it’s okay to use a letter multiple times when creating a new list of baby names. The list you purchase from will show you a list of unique baby names that is derived from both methods, so it’s up to you how you want to play this game.

When you play the baby shower game, give everyone at your baby shower at fixed about of time (perhaps five, ten or fifteen minutes) and designate a time keeper. Then, have everyone write down as many baby names as they can using only the letters in the two parents-to-be’s first names.

Finally, whoever writes down the most names is the winner! You have the master list of baby names from Baby Name Scramble to check each list of baby names against to make sure they are correct, and that same list can then be presented to the mother-to-be as a special baby shower gift. You can even make the master list of possible baby names that is derived from the names of the parents-to-be part of a baby book that you start at the baby shower. Also, here’s another idea: it’s fun to read the complete baby name list out loud or to post it somewhere for everyone to read for themselves.

Your guests will be amazed at how many unique and unusual baby names Baby Name Scramble created, and they will be surprised at how many of these baby names they weren’t able to figure out. And, if you’re really lucky, one of these names will become the newborn’s actual first name. Good luck and enjoy!

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